First Generation Myrle L Satnan

One of Kind in Sioux Falls

After working for the National Air Guard for 17 years, Myrle opened Satnan Avionics in 1968 in Sioux Falls SD at Joe Foss Airport (FSD). In 1968, Satnan Avionics was the only shop at the area that repaired and installed aviation communications & navigational equipment.  In 1992 Satnan retired and sold the business.  

Second Generation


Mark Satnan

Marks fond childhood memories of time spent with his father in South Dakota impacted the way he lives today. "He worked nights all the time, He'd drag me out to the shop at night and have me start taking the interior of an airplane out. That's actually how I first got started, taking interiors out of airplanes so he could work on them." After high school Mark got a job driving truck delivering parts but it didn't take him long to realize that wasn't the job for him. He changed the direction of his life. He joined the Air National Guard, where he opted to become an avionics technician.

Since the Guard was a part time job, Mark worked in his father's shop as well. In 1992, his father Myrle sold the business and retired,  Mark continued working for that company for 18 years, first as an installer, then as a manager.

In 2006, he deployed to Iraq for several months. When he got home, he found Business Aviation sold to a larger corporation. Though he still had a job, he also started thinking more seriously about his own business.

I was a little disappointed Business Aviation sold out to a big corporation; I was looking for something different so that actually gave me an opportunity to go to Milwaukee for a former customer. They wanted me to do prototypes for installing a flare (missile avoidance) system on one of their Shorts Brothers SD 3-60 Aircraft. After installing the first prototype in Milwaukee, he was asked travel to Iraq as a contractor to do installations and avionics support on aircraft flying surveillance there. The year turned into a year and a half. However, that time put in came with the benefit of acquiring enough funding to finance his own shop when he came home.

Running someone else's shop was fine, there were a lot less headaches that way, but I had always wanted my own shop. I got about twenty years of experience prior to starting my own business. When I came back from Iraq, that's when I truly started the business.

Satnan's crew

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